Energy Consultants

At 360 Energy we provide a full range of consultancy services relating to building energy, alternative fuels and energy procurement.

As energy consultants, we aim to stay one step of the game. Our awareness of future changes in legislation and potential incentives allows us to guide you or your project in the right direction. Please contact us at any stage during the construction process and we can advise on all aspects of the building’s performance allowing you to make decisions on fuel source, building specification and renewables based on quantified data specific to your building instead of manufactures claims.

Free Business Energy Health Check

Please drop us a line to avail of our free energy health check. There’s never been a better time to double check that your business is as efficient as possible. The initial ‘health check’ involves a quick meeting, walk round and review of utility costs. For businesses we understand the need to see a return and generally don’t bother with recommendations with a payback greater than 3 years unless the plant/ equipment is towards the end of its life cycle or replacement may provide additional benefits. For more information view our Energy Audits service.

Independent Reports

We provide a range of independent reports to assist with local authority planning, building regulation compliance, finance applications or internal procurement procedures, including:

LZC Feasibility

Assessing the viability of various LZC (Low or Zero Carbon) technologies for a particular site/ project

Renewable Energy Statement

Required to discharge certain local authority planning conditions

Part L 2010 Report

Achieving 25 % reduction in CO2 Target Emission Rate (TER) compared to Part L 2006 target

Feed in Tariff (FIT)/ NiROC Report

Independent financial appraisal of solar PV installation

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) feasibility

Assessing the viability of various LZC technologies for a particular site/ project