Wireless Heating Controls

Imagine having full zonal control of your property’s heating without the need for plumbing or electrical works – it’s now possible! Thanks to wireless heating controls.

Properties older than 10-15 years rarely have thermostatic control of their heating. Resulting in overheating and excess energy consumption. Whilst it is relatively simple to install a thermostat the area which this controls will be determined by the existing heating circuit with all radiators either on or off.

Particularly in the hospitality and care industry its desirable to control the temperature in each room individually, increasing comfort levels as the desired temperature varies from person to person. Entire wings or floors are heated when they are only partially occupied or areas become overheated as there is no thermostatic control.

Mobile App heating control

Our wireless radiator valves allow each radiator or group of radiators to be thermostatically controlled using a simple software package or mobile app for smaller applications. Savings of up to 40% can be achieved in some cases however building managers are often unable to access these savings as the cost is prohibitive and any works can only be considered in conjunction with major renovation/ refurbishment

We can install our wireless heating control system in a couple of days with NO interruption or inconvenience to operations and NO redecorating. As we can access the system remotely we can help to fine tune the settings over a period of time and provide ongoing support

With a payback of 2-3 years in most cases and finance support, we can make a difference to your bottom line with the added benefit of greater comfort and happier occupants. The data collected over a period of time also allows us to review consumption and highlight further opportunities for savings in future.


Finance – In most cases, 0% finance can be arranged through the Carbon Trust (Northern Ireland only). Energy grants of up to 20% are also available and tax efficient finance can also be arranged. Speak to us for more details.